Student’s Adventures

Student’s Adventures- Art Lessons.



Pinch Pot Pumpkins

Geometric & Organic Coil Pots

Tripod Mugs

Clay Triptychs 

Tiki Tumblers

Sgraffito Pots 

Face Mugs

One Million Bones Project

Empty Bowls Fundraiser


Realistic Self Portraits

Oil Pastel Mannequins

Shape Vs. Form Legos

Surrealism Perspective 

Animal Eye Value Grid Drawings

Color Study Composition Still Life

Personalized Mandalas

Blind Contour Line Drawings

Keith Haring Unit for Elementary 


National Parks Watercolor Landscapes

Art History Meets Pop Culture Acrylic Paintings

Middle School Monochromatic Paintings

Middle School Acrylic Painting Assessment

Chuck Close Inspired Acrylic Paintings

Mixed Media, Miscellaneous 

Presents Lesson & Giveaway

Altered Books

Blackout Poetry

Watercolor Notans

Middle School Photography Unit

End of Year Collaboration Mural

Contests, Community & School Events

Van’s Custom Culture Contest 2017

One Million Bones Exhibition 

Hillsboro Art Show 

Empty Bowls Fundraiser

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